WOW – today my blog was high-jacked!  I was going to tell you that you too can conquer what life throws at you and how out of necessity and fear you too can learn to use the wet-vac and change the front door lock.  However, yesterday morning was one of those times I wished I had a guy in the house!  And, for you ladies that do have men there with you, this would be one of those times you’re so glad!

So….for today, forget about the wet-vac and door lock.  Watch the attached 2 videos and you’ll know what I’m talking about!  These videos are uncut and untouched.  They are my daughter, Danielle’s, raw i-phone recordings.  Hey, I’m not here to show you slick videos.  I’m here to help you grow your confidence and go after your dreams!  (And…laugh a little!)




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